Ways you can support Te Kura O Waima!

Last year our Board of Trustees discussed ways we could encourage past students and people from Waima, Te Mahurehure to get involved, participate and contribute to our kura.

We acknowledged that there were so many people out there who had unique and precious knowledge that is valuable and felt that that there were others who had specific skill sets which would give our tamariki the opportunity to participate and learn from people in our community.

There were many different ways we thought this kind of involvement could happen, for some it might mean arranging an hour or so in their bi-annual or annual visit back to Waima to come into the kura and share knowledge of Waima history with our tamariki, or perhaps you have a passion for gardening & rongoa maori, or maybe you have a specific artistic, musical or technological skill which you could show or even teach for an hour or two.

During the year there are many little projects that happen each term which include working bee days where we paint outdoor seats, plant gardens and install artistic creations that our students have made. Some parents might come along to help out with the manual labour and others might come along and make a big pot of soup for our whanau. It all adds to create a nurturing learning environment for our tamariki.

Already we have parents who have taken our tamariki on walks along the old coach trail, shared stories at our annual noho marae, brought trees to plant, carved onsite with our tamariki, made one off and some regular monetary or kai donations, or just took the time to come down to the kura to share their views on things being considered in our community consultation.

So, there are lots of ways you can contribute and every year we will include the names of those whanau who contribute money or in kind to a value in excess of $120 a year to our yearly ‘Friends of the School’ register.

If you think you are able to contribute please fill out this contact form below and we will be in touch with you asap: