On this page you can find information about how the Governance at our school works and read some suggestions we have for parents and community members who would like to be more involved in our school.

At the bottom of the page you will see answers to any recent questions that parents have posed to the Board Of Trustees which we have recorded here for other parents who may be interested.

Governance Documents


NZ School Structure

Waima Kura Structure 2014

The structure of the education system here in New Zealand means that the Board Of Trustees oversees the Governance of our School, the Principal oversees the Management of our School, and the Staff oversee the implementation of agreed teaching plans which will correspond with the Charter and Strategic Plan, all of our planning must meet the standards required by the Ministry of Education.

How could you contribute to our school as a School Trustee?

The BOT has a wide range of governance matters to oversee which means we are often needing people with expertise in particular areas. If you have experience in Education, Te Reo Maori, Finance, Communities, Human Resources, Administration, Marketing, Law, & Property Management or alternatively if you are passionate about children and have an understanding of the difference between governance & management you could make a valued contribution to our school board.

If this is you, please consider putting your name forward at the next election or simply offering your services as the board are able to co-opt trustees who offer a specific skill set which is lacking in the existing trustees.

So what does the Board of Trustees do and how does it operate?

Currently the BOT meets a minimum of 2 times per term. Examples of the type of work involved in governance are 1. Work with the Principal to create a school charter annually, 2. Each trustee may pick up one or more portfolio’s i.e.: Health & Safety, Finance, Property, Curriculum etc. That trustee is then take a ‘lead role’ in ensuring policies pertaining to that particular portfolio are robust and relevant for our schools purpose although the board does operate as a whole so this does not exclude other trustees from participating in any part of a process, 3. Consult with parents and the wider community, 4. Ensure our policies & procedures meet the required standards, 5. Work with staff and parents to create a long term vision and strategic plan for the school, etc, etc.

Operationally our BOT works on a meeting basis where relevant matters are tabled and discussed as they arise. The Principal reports on each of the N.A.G’s which ensures we the board are continually being informed of all areas and selected teaching staff report regularly on achievement and curriculum coverage in class. Policies are regularly reviewed on a bi-annual basis as a rule of thumb unless something is brought to our attention which requires amending. The process for major changes to a policy is that a draft is presented to the BOT meeting and board members are given the opportunity to provide feedback. If the policy is suitable the motion will be moved for it to be adopted and if carried it will be implemented as the approved policy from there on.

The Board of Trustees forms a crucial part of the school structure. Each area of operation within the school will have a policy or some form of inclusion in the overall vision and charter for the school. This is where the BOT is able to influence the day to day running of the school but not beyond that. Beyond the review and implementation of policies and the participation in the schools running where stipulated by those policies, it becomes the role of the Principal to oversee.

Recently Asked Questions:

Question: How does the Board of Trustees monitor the progress of students in each class and what would it do if there was cause for concern?

Answer: In terms 1 & 4 A full curriculumn report is presented to the B.O.T. This enables us to see the level of achievement for each classroom and school wide and monitor progress from February to December each year.     At every meeting the Principal is required to report on ‘Curriculum’ areas in our school. We expect that any celebrations and/or issues that are being noticed in classrooms will be reported here. If there is something to celebrate it is usually included in the weekly newsletter and if there is an issue the B.O.T will immediately look at how we can adopt our Strategic Plan and Charter to improve. An example of this is, at our last B.O.T meeting in 2011 we were informed that our writing results were lower than expected. As the B.O.T we agreed to support our Principals recommendation to ammend the budget and approved additional funding to better resource our teachers to address this area of concern in 2012. We also supported her recommendation to get expert outside assistance in implementing school wide PD in this area which will start in 2013.