Community Development Project


Since 2009 the Board of Trustees have been consulting with our community to continually assess the future direction of our school. Within this process many opportunities and wishes were identified and the barriers to achieving those things were defined.

Key Statements

Some key statements were formed out of what the collective respondents felt needed to happen in our community and our school to motivate and inspire continued positive change in Waima.

1. Promote the long term sustainability for education in Waima. We would like people from 0 – 100years to be able to learn and develop new skills, creating opportunities for our families to thrive.

2. Whanau, Hapu, Iwi is a concept that will uplift our families. Fantastic parenting, caring for our communities, and working together to achieve common goals will be what Te Mahurehure and the collective people of Waima aim to be renowned for.

3. It costs too much money to travel for sports, arts, & education. We need to plan and work together to build, use, & maintain our own sports and performing arts facilities so that our families can be a part of events and training workshops that promote health, wellbeing and increase our sense of community pride.

4. 22nd Century Learning Environments are just around the corner. Every day we see that the environments we created 100 years ago are becomming less and less stimulating in such a progressive world. We would like our tamariki to be leaders in a NZ wide move towards installing ’22nd Century’ learning environments in every learning environment.

5. The culture of our people must always be valued and celebrated. We envision our community being able to walk our river beds telling tales of old, consider art works and marvel at the creativity of our people, listen to historical accounts on the marae and know that we have been moulded by the past and celebrate our future together with pride and happiness. This should be reflected into our environs so that we have something tangible to inspire these pathways.

Wish List

In 2009 we started a community wish list which formed the foundation of our plans. Every year this was re-presented to our community members through different consultation processes and was added to, altered, and bit by bit items on our list became a reality. Those things on our wishlist that have already been completed, purchased or realised are in bold.

Our list currently includes (as of Jan 2012)

Senior Playground                 Mauri Ora & Ara Reo                        Class Laptops

Covered Stage Area               Noho Marae                                 Bikes & Helmets

New Logo & Brochure  Website           Bike Trail                Outdoor Seating

Astroturf Courts        Community Sports Resources        Rongoa Garden

Pizza Oven                                 Hangi Pit                                          Mosaic Edging

Raised Gardens            Picnic Tables              Concrete Table Tennis Table

Values Sign                         T-Shirts & Jerseys             Roadside Sign

Orchard                 Archway Entrance                     Renovated Maara Kai Garden

Renovated Room 4 – OSCAR, Dance, Technology & Community Computer Lab

O.S.C.A.R           Seats for 100 & P.A Equipment         Sandpit Storage


Some of the forms of consultation we undertook were:

Community Open Days, Twice Annual Pool Parties, Grandparents Day, Student Led Conferences, Surveys, Open B.O.T meetings and sending representatives to meetings held by other community organisations. At any open days held at the school we put out boards with blown up copies of school plans and Q&A sheets for parents and caring community members to provide feedback on. Even offering lucky draw prizes to any participants. At all times there are copies of the school plan and most recent edition of the wish list on the notice board in our school staff room.

Over the span of the past 4 years we have slowly but consistently gathered information which helped form the plans for the future of our school and shown how we can be a more inclusive part of the wider community.

If you have any thoughts or can make a contribution to our plans please feel free to enquire at the school.

Visualising the Concept

With the help of Landscape Architect Simon Cocker we were able to design a proposed landscape concept as a ‘starting place’ for us to realise our vision for Waima School and Community.

Waima School Landscape Concept 2012