Digital Learning @ Te Kura o Waima

Google Chromebook

Room 3 students at Te Kura o Waima celebrated being amongst the first in the Hokianga to become 1:1 ‘digital learners’ with a shared lunch & Chromebook Party at school. Students who were signed up to the program each received their new Chromebook to the cheers and applause of their class mates.

Senior Leaders at the school began the journey in 2015 by participating in a series of PLD sessions designed to familiarise themselves with the ways teaching & learning will change when all students are using their devices. A deeper look at student achievement data showed the specific areas of need for individuals & groups & enabled the teaching staff at Waima to design ‘student specific’ or ‘targeted’ units of study to create successful outcomes for each student.

Although there is alot of excitement around the  ‘new chrome books’ the Board of Trustees & staff at Waima believe that teaching and learning, which has made steady and consistent progress in the past 8 yrs, will instead make ‘accelerated’ change as the pedagogy begins to change in response to what teachers were noticing, experiencing and learning from and with children.

“Already I am having documents shared with me via google docs from my daughters. I can see in real time the work they are doing and pop in little encouraging comments so that they know that I really value the learning they are doing. They love it and so its working for us.

I think even more important is – this is how the world works today? Farmers are skyping suppliers & using drones to check crops & animals. Marae trustees are zooming in online to monthly hui. Major institutions can confidently employ professionals who live on the other side of the world because they are still able to have constant online communication….

Truly we are fortunate in the Hokianga because our tamariki experience an expansive outdoor, whanau filled, culturally rich environment & every day life. As educators in school and educators at home these types of initiatives are the vital ‘add-ins’ that we provide to our tamariki so we know they will be successful in the life & career that they choose. Whether you are an employer or an employee…. technology is a part of the worlds future”   Dallas Williams BOT

For more information on the Kaikohekohe Education Trust you can click on the link below.


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