Welcome to our page for 2016 enrolments at Waima School!

Please visit the ‘Our Kura’ page for more information on the day to day running, see the ‘Photos’ page for a virtual tour of our school grounds, or email principal@waima.school.nz and phone 094053901 for any additional queries.

For all the essentials please click on the links below:

School Poster: Waima Kura Poster

Enrolment Form: Enrolment form

Waima School Bus Route : Waima Kura Bus Route

Waima Schools recent ERO Report: ERO Report – Waima-School 15-10-2012

Waima School Longterm Landscape Strategy: Waima School Landscape Concept 

Articles about Waima School: T&C Front Page News &

T&C Pg4 – Waiora Hokianga Involvement

Waima School Values: W.A.I.M.A